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Women On The Eiger….Hopefully!

Sometimes  things just evolve don’t they?  A thought springs into your head, one little email arrives and that can be enough to trigger a whole new event in your life. That is how, despite being a mountaineer of very modest … Continue reading

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Media, Sport and Variety…..please!

One of the things about working as a physio, especially one that has been in the same area for a while, is you get to know many of your patients well. With treatment sessions lasting up to an hour conversations, … Continue reading

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A ‘memorable’ climbing summer

Summer has whizzed past and as I write the rain streaming down obliterating the view to the far hills and woods is one of those November days when it is good to be inside looking out. Back in the heady … Continue reading

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Physical exercise; a source of liberation for women…. and probably for men too!

As a physiotherapist working in the same place for many years, one of the rewards – which admittedly can, occasionally, be a double edged sword –  is getting to know patients so well they are comfortable sharing some of their … Continue reading

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Women, Mont Blanc………& Recognition

So the weather is dreadful. Outside it is cold, snowing, wet and dismal. In these conditions most of us are happy to remain tucked up inside – an ideal time to get on with some reading  and catch up with … Continue reading

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Scoliosis, hunchbacks and other Richard III stuff!

I can’t help it, as a physio and a historian I have got to get this off my chest. There have been lots of comment about Richard III and his scoliosis – a sideways deformity of the spine – and … Continue reading

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The Continuing Problem of Women’s Appearance……

My PhD topic is researching the surprisingly numerous women who climbed and walked in the Alps in the second half of the nineteenth century. Whenever I explain this to people hardly anyone comments on the extreme physical fitness needed, the … Continue reading

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