This  collection of articles, meanderings and thoughts charts my passage through the last half of my History PhD  at Birkbeck whilst also trying to maintain some clinical work in my physiotherapy practice.

I was lucky enough a few years ago to have a year away from the ‘day job’,  doing my masters at Cambridge. This was a fantastic experience during which I  discovered the substantial number of women in the second half of the nineteenth century who climbed and walked in the Alps. These women mountaineers are an engaging group; they have opened my eyes to all manner of issues –  many of which  are still relevant today.Undoubtedly my love of sport, exercise and being outdoors, particularly in the hills and mountains, has aided my study and fascination of this group of women; I have climbed Mont Blanc and a number of other Alpine peaks and am a keen ski mountaineer. However, my job as a physiotherapist provides another useful viewpoint. It has given me a privileged position to observe the  way  people perceive their bodies – the way it works, what it looks like, how reliable it is, how strong, how flexible and what they feel it is capable of.

This blog, hopefully, will capture some of the queries, quandaries and interesting topics raised both by my research, my ever-engaging patients and topical contemporary subjects. .


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